Kenya Update


John Muhanji was able to send another e-mail yesterday. The Graces, Richmonds, and Muhanjis are safe. John is busy organizing peaceful forms of recreation in his village. Here is an excerpt from the beginning of his message:

Friends when you see yourselves enjoying the peace you have now wherever you are praise God for everything. Because that can be taken from you in a twinkling of an eye as it happened here in Kenya. Peace is something that needs to be guarded with a lot of care from everybody in the world.

I do not feel clear to posting on the Internet further excerpts from his message given the volatility of the situation and the tribal nature of the conflict. There is a media blackout. No news is being broadcast in Kenya. The stories and blogs I’m reading do seem to be saying the same thing. Kenyans are stunned that this is happening to them. Comparisons to Rwanda are being made. And it looks like there’s some military activity going on on the Uganda-Kenya border.

Here is one of the most informative Kenyan blogs I’ve found, the Kenyan Pundit. It has links that will take you deeper into the story if you’re so led to follow to them.

John cautions that January 3 may be a particularly dangerous day because a demonstration in Nairobi is scheduled.

I can only repeat his request. Pray for Kenya.


2 Responses to “Kenya Update”

  1. kate Says:

    One of the delights of NYYM 2006, for me, was hearing Eden Grace’s reports about Quaker life and work in Kenya.

    I am praying for peace, comfort, and safety for all in Kenya.

  2. Carol Says:

    Cat Chapin-Bishop has a post about the Kenya and the Graces–with a lovely picture of the whole family. You can find that over at Quaker Pagan Reflections.

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