Plan C: World Repentance

Richmond, Indiana, 1/1/2022: I can’t think of a better way to wish a happy new year to my loved ones — by which I mean the Creator and the whole creation — than by praying for world repentance.
Plan A, business as usual, has put the world on a collision course with what the biblical prophet Malachi called “the day that shall burn as an oven” (Mal 4:1 KJV), and we’re all seeing it approaching. Plan B, as painstakingly worked out by the intrepid Lester R. Brown of the Earth Policy Institute (see Lester R. Brown, _Plan B 4.0: Mobilizing to Save Civilization_, 2009), has not been heeded by the people who had the power to implement it. That leaves only Plan C: World Repentance. “Plan C: World Repentance” was the title of a tract I wrote and distributed, independently, at the 2013 Earth Day march in New York City. I needn’t reproduce it here, because you, reader, already know what it says: — World Repentance starts with you.
And no, it’s not about reducing your carbon footprint or changing your voting behavior. It means turning to your Creator and asking Him, Her, or It, what His, Her, or Its will is for you. Your Creator, who knows your every thought, and by whose permission everything happens that happens, indwells you — so you need only say, in your heart, “Show me what to do, and how to live.” And you must add: “I promise to obey You. I hereby lay down my own will, and my own wisdom, and commit myself to living only by Your will. You, who made all things, must now make me capable of obeying You, or else I shall surely fail; but I must trust You. Guide my conscience. If I’m not sure what You’re telling me, I’ll say, ‘Louder, please,’ expecting You to make Your commands clear enough to follow.” But say this in your own words. It will not be a matter of words, anyway, but a matter of movement of your spirit.
That, in brief, is the beginning of Plan C. Or have you a better idea?


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