A Lie Cannot Stand Forever

It may be true that something like one per cent of the people of the United States now oppress the other 99 per cent, but one hundred per cent of the people are loved by the God who created them, who wants us all to love one another, without exception. This means we are to forgive one another, and to wish one another’s repentance and salvation, so that all may eventually be completely reconciled with our Divine Source, in whom we shall find all satisfaction, all peace, and an end to all ignorance and confusion.

To love one another means to seek to correct one another when we see a brother or sister straying from the right path. This mutual correction is made difficult, though not impossible, by structural evil. Structural evil includes much of “the way things are done,” which because of its familiarity and seeming necessity blinds us to the fact that it is evil and not necessary at all, like an economy based on selfishness. Structural evil puts some of us in the boardrooms and gated communities of the elite, while others of us are demonstrators in the street and still others, the police confronting the demonstrators. Many of us are “invisible:” the institutionalized, the work-bound, the “illegal.”

The first step toward ending our slavery to structural evil is to want to be free ourselves. This means to be willing to give up everything that obstructs it: addictions, pride, anger, self-will, even if that means turning control over our life to a Higher Power or a Savior. This self-surrender may unlock abilities we never thought we might have: the gift of understanding and influencing others, the power to disarm and convert the enemy, the insight that shows how to do what we’d thought impossible, and best of all, the ability to accept ourselves as we are. It all starts, like God’s creation, with the will to love.

The author of this handout, who is a member of the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers),  prepared it on 5/1/2012 for distribution at the demonstrations of Occupy Wall Street in New York City.  As he wrote at the bottom of the handout, “This article expresses only his personal understanding.  It is not a statement by or on behalf of any Quaker organization.” 


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