about among Friends

among Friends was started as the group blog of four New York City Quakers in 2007; all four have since left New York City for new locations. Thy Friend John now goes by his full name, John Jeremiah Edminster, and writes from Richmond, Indiana:

Thy Friend John

3 Responses to “about among Friends”

  1. Tom Martin Says:

    Dear Friend Carol:
    What a joy to find you and this blog. There was an email from Paul Busby at the Office with the link, and I could not resist.

    And so the tragic news from Kenya. I gave the heart-felt letter from Ernie to the newsletter editor of my new Meeting in Austin who published it right away it. The erupting violence seems non-stop, in spite of our prayers. I am embarrassed to say I knew so very little of the political situation with so many tribes and their combative history. There were just so Friends there doing outstanding work, and the climate seemed so constant and serene. Who knew?

    Thanks for the piece on Mailer; surely he was a Quaker in Training… After reading your selection from Armies of the Night, I simply must get down to my bookstore and get a copy. Fortunately we have one of the best independents in the country, Book People of Austin.

    Warm greetings and many blessings,

  2. Albert Newell Says:

    It is good to know there are Friends who read the Scriptures and worship God in the boroughs. I offer greetings and blessings from upstate. I hope to meet you one day in Silver Bay at NYYM.

  3. treegestalt Says:

    I like the idea of a blog not being just one person’s stuff; more of a conversation sounds good to me. Any possibility of including a contentious geezer in Southern California?

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