The Quaker Bible Index is growing (Colossians 1:23)


Two insufficiently appreciated jewels in the crown of Earlham School of Religion are the Digital Quaker Collection (DQC) and the Quaker Bible Index (QBI). And like the air, the water, the sunlight, and the internet, they’re free for anyone to use.

In the words of the QBI’s creator, Esther Greenleaf Mürer, the QBI is a work in progress. I, the QBI’s present custodian, am currently continuing that progress by converting the “Summary Index” of the Book of Acts into a more user-friendly “Main Scripture Index.” I’m also working, in spare moments, on making Main Scripture Indexes for the Pauline writings from Galatians to Philemon.

How the early Quakers interpreted the Scriptures is important for anyone who wants to understand Quakerism! Today I offer a preview of my QBI work on one single verse of Scripture, Colossians 1:23:


4 Responses to “The Quaker Bible Index is growing (Colossians 1:23)”

  1. Trevor Says:

    I hope the final version might have text based pdf (or text) which can be copied and searched?

  2. John Jeremiah Edminster Says:

    Fortunately, the Digital Quaker Collection has those functions programmed into it. And fortunately for you, Trevor, the position of heir apparent to my throne as custodian of the Quaker Bible Index is open, if you want to move back to Richmond and work with me. There’s no money in it, other than the penny that every worker in the Lord’s vineyard gets at the end of the day (Matthew 20:1-16). It would delight me to work with a fellow vinedresser who knew more about computer software than I do so as to make the QBI more user-friendly.

    • Trevor Bending Says:

      Oh, I wonder if you think I’m another Trevor?
      I’ve never been to Richmond (in America) or even to America.
      Have been to Richmond, London and Richmond, Yorkshire!
      Now Marple Meeting, East Cheshire Area Meeting BYM (not Baltimore!).

  3. John Jeremiah Edminster Says:

    Yes, I did think you were another Trevor. But welcome to my circle of friends!

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