A Personal Mission Statement


God is love, and calls us all to forgive all offenses and adopt God’s will as our own.

I’ve also discerned that God calls me to preach and exemplify this call to repentance of our selfish ways, and bear witness to the new life that follows on our being forgiven and healed from estrangement from God, which is this common fear-dominated condition called sin. I experience and understand this new life as a life in Jesus Christ, who lives both in God and among us, guiding, directing, warning, empowering, gathering, healing and perfecting all who will come to Him, whether they call Him by that name or some other.

I’ve discerned that I’m called to serve Jesus Christ, in His name and power, as a teacher of His gospel, persuader, comforter, hearer of confessions, and conveyer of His forgiveness and His healing. As I understand my calling, I’m to do this chiefly, but not exclusively, within the Religious Society of Friends.

I ask the help of a spiritual care committee to help me grow in this ministry, and to correct me if I should stray from it.


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2 Responses to “A Personal Mission Statement”

  1. Jonathan Price Says:

    Repentance — ah what an interesting wrinkle inserted into the fabric of Christendom. It is a beautiful thing once a person realizes it is between the “already-forgiven” and the “one-Who-forgave.”

    The true “call” is a relationship with a loving God where He guides us along the path. Being in-love with Him produces fruit; the kind that draws other to Him; the kind that enriches all we encounter; the kind that removes all fear; the kind that is…for His name’s sake.

    God bless.

  2. Thy Friend John Says:

    Thank you for this, Jonathan!

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