Second Childhood, Chapter 1


i broke my right arm today, slipping on the ice on the way to meeting. angels attended me, flesh & blood angels as well, possibly, as ones i couldn’t see, and i feel deeply blessed. even lying prostrate on the pavement, unable to stand without the help of others because of the pain in my shoulder, was a blessed experience. i’m keyboarding with my left hand while my right paw lies limp in its sling. I’m experiencing second childhood: I can’t open jars, butter bread, or do anything that takes 2 hands; and trying to write with my left hand, or use a fork, brings back memories of being 5.  For now i’ll have to philosophize out loud instead of journaling, or just take it to the Lord in prayer, to whom be all praise and glory. If there was a divine rebuke in the experience I hope to be given right discernment of what it was, & not try to second-guess God in my haste to have everything figured out. Meanwhile I can’t praise highly enough the people that have been ministering to me, esp. Elizabeth who just fed me dinner & buttered the toast for me, & Jesus who gave His life for me on the cross, far more painful than an injured shoulder; and Emily who took me to the ER & Gloria who brought me home, not to mention the ER people & the Friends at meeting who prayed for me, & Zach who would’ve come to fetch me home if Gloria hadn’t, & Molly & Tanya & Steven & Julie & Richard who comforted me. Gratitude is filling my heart with sweetness, & that being so I’m very happy with what i’ve tasted of 2nd childhood so far. I wish i could go back & express gratitude to all those who brought me happiness & good in my first childhood, but God who is beyond time will know how to convey my blessings, for I’m sure no good wish is lost.


3 Responses to “Second Childhood, Chapter 1”

  1. RH Francis O'Hara Says:

    Heal !

  2. Thy Friend John Says:

    Thank you, Brother Francis.

    My original post was so bright and happy, so unencumbered by footnotes and Scriptural citations, so free of long and complex sentences! It was as if my right brain, expressing itself through my left hand, was at last getting to express its own personality while the left brain and right hand had to just take aspirin and sulk. But prepare yourselves, friends, here comes a footnote. I don’t know which part of me it’s coming from; I only hope it’s the better part.

    I said I’d be trying to discern whether there was any divine rebuke implied in my being stopped on my way to meeting, painfully disabled, made to prostrate myself and left unable to rise without help. Sounds like Paul on the way to Damascus, doesn’t it? (Acts 9:1-22.) Well, let’s not call it a rebuke, but a corrective action. I’d been on the way to meeting with a hard message to maybe deliver. I’d been praying hard for right discernment about it – was it from the Lord, or was it just from my own anger and frustration with unruly speakers in our meetings for worship? As soon as I hit the pavement I knew: “The Lord does not intend for you to give any such message today.” And my inward response was, “Thank You, Lord; You’ve just made Your will very clear on this matter, and spared me an hour of inner agonizing in the meeting room over should I – shouldn’t I?” That broken bone still hurts, but I can say truthfully that I’d gladly pay many broken bones for such clear and unmistakable divine guidance, especially when I was in danger of attributing a thought to the Mind of Christ that was not Christ’s own.

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