Days 9 and 10: Laying Down Our Life


Lord, make me ready to lay down my life for You, or for any of the brethren or sisters, for sinners, fools, enemies, for anyone at all, for love of You and of them; and if my life, then how much more readily should I lay down my night’s sleep, the contents of my wallet, my health and comfort, my resentments, my book collection, my job and liberty, my ambitions and my insistence on winning, my desire to impress, charm and control people, my desire for the love, favor and good opinion of others, my inertia and love of ease. Lay down my lukewarmness! Lay down my fear! Lay down my attachment to these vain things that charm me most, which are no more than the stuff of dreams! Lord, seize my heart and make it like Your own, ablaze with universal and unstinting love! Amen, amen, in Jesus’ name, Amen!


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