Why I like CREDO Action


One reason I like the CREDO Action network is that it makes it easy to address public officials not just with pre-packaged statements of secular concern, but with appeals to conscience and faith.  These may or may not ever get read and heeded, but, as some famous Quaker (please remind me who, Friends) famously said, “we are called not to success but to faithfulness.”  I have been warned by Friends I greatly respect that public officials, financiers, power brokers and government scientists don’t give a darn about God and conscience and religious language, so I shouldn’t waste my breath; but I believe that my Lord and Savior feels differently, and there is always a chance that someone will see the words that I’d like to think He has given me to write, or somehow feel or smell or taste them, even unconsciously, and these will contribute, to a degree however small, to the changing of people’s behavior.  I believe that this is what George Fox called “answering the Witness of God in others,” and I’d like my readers not to be discouraged from speaking religious truth to secular-minded people just because they expect dismally disappointing results.  To the question “Why should the EPA care what I think?” I’d answer, “Why should the Roman Army care whether some Galilean Nobody forgives them for crucifying Him?”

The first paragraph of this statement was pre-written by CREDO Action (http://act.credoaction.com/campaign/epa_bees_stalling/?r=6939193&id=44947-1891387-a5fk19x) but the second paragraph was one that I added:

“With scientists increasingly attributing bee colony collapse to neonicotinoid pesticides like clothianidin, it is shockingly irresponsible for the EPA to continue allowing its use, based on virtually no scientific study. Waiting until 2018 to review it will be too late for the bees, and the one third of our food supply they play a crucial role in pollinating. Please immediately suspend clothianidin until this pesticide can be proven safe.

It cannot be said often and emphatically enough that the Environmental Protection Agency is answerable not just to the people of the United States and their business community, but to Almighty God, who made us stewards of the earth and planted a conscience in each of us to tell us when we’re doing wrong. Friends, listen to your consciences. If the EPA fails in its duty of stewardship, consider resigning as a public witness. God will uphold you.”


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