Toxic Horrors from the Sky: A Letter to a Friend


Albert, Bill, and Charlie are pseudonyms.

Thanks for the warning about the little airborne clusters of microtubes.  Since I have no sound on my computer, I couldn’t watch the video that Albert sent to his brother, but I did read his accompanying e-mail, and I found it very forceful and moving.  You may (after reading my response, if you think it appropriate) convey my thanks back to him, and also to Bill who transmitted it to you.

The torments Albert’s soul is enduring are expressed vividly.  I also see the images in his photos.  It’s the stuff of some of our worst nightmares, this discovery of something frightful and then not being able to get anyone to listen to your report of it, but rather you see people willfully burying, denying, and silencing your witness, often with bland smiles.  I’m praying for him.

But what I’m to do with Albert’s evidence is not clear to me, other than to pray for more light.  Whether these malignant little tufts are actually clinging to us and poisoning us wherever we go; whether or not they’re the intentional or unintentional by-product of some evil human activity, be it greed for wealth, power, pleasure, glory, or sheer delight in cruelty; and whether those we look to for the truth — government, the media — are systematically denying the truth, and lying to us about what they know — I do believe it’s all possible, that human beings can be depraved enough, and that the great enemy of all good has enough witting and unwitting human slaves working for him, that we could indeed be in just the kind of difficult straits that Albert describes.

But, supposing it were all true and I were to be convinced of its truth, what should I do about it?  My heart and my personal experience both tell me that God is infinitely more powerful than Satan, and is an ever-present refuge for any soul willing to repent of its own uncleanness and be saved from all darkness.  In the presence of any great evil, it’s my duty and privilege to bear witness to the power of God to save us all, even if the situation ends in martyrdom and we have to lose our physical bodies.  And in between now and that ultimate salvation, my personal experience corroborates my faith in the Lord’s power to make anything endurable for us.  Therefore, if I minister to resisters of evil of any kind (whether public health workers fighting an epidemic, Occupy Wall Street demonstrators, or protestors of any government and media cover-up), my first advice would be “act as if God were watching, be diligent, do nothing evil yourselves, and trust the power of light to drive out darkness.”

A little over ten years ago, I was inwardly told, while at worship, “I awaken whom I will, when I think best; and comfort thou the ones that are still asleep.”  From that experience, I take it that I’m commissioned by the Lord to be primarily a comforter, not an alarmer or inflamer or pride-shatterer or lie-accuser or hell-warner, although you, Charlie, know better than most people that I was trained for that rougher kind of work too, by one who was very gifted at it.  This means, I think, that I’m to follow Paul’s advice to “weep with them that weep” (Romans 12:15), but not to rage with them that rage or curse with them that curse.  Perfect love casts out fear (1 John 4:18), and the servant of the Lord must not strive, but be gentle to all (2 Timothy 2:24): these advices tell me not to stir up rage or cursing, which are the weapons of fear, but to study to overcome evil with good (Romans 12:21).

This report of the tufts of tiny tube-structures evidently left by chemtrails makes me think of that other toxic horror from the sky, the seven angels of the Apocalypse who pour out their vials on the earth, the waters and the sun, causing men “to gnaw their tongues for pain, and blaspheme the God of heaven because of their pains and their sores,” Revelation 16:10-11, rather than do the more obvious thing, repent, and let their lives be redirected to the good by the Author of All Good.  When we do that, we experience that “all things work together for good to them that love God,” Romans 8:28, and then the toxic horrors falling from the sky become less important to us than the desire to spread the good news to anyone who can hear it.


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