A Prayer in a Time of Anxiety


Merciful God, Good Brother Jesus, and Holy Spirit, Turner of Hearts, I believe that it is Your will for us that we, Your children, be not afraid, even though at this moment we may seem to be walking through the valley of the shadow of death, where all-corrupting time and the indifference of our fellow creatures seem to threaten what we need for the continuance of life. But You, Lord, who taught us to ask You for our daily bread, can always be trusted to give us all we need, both for our life here, and our life eternal with You at such time as You may show us that we have no more need for this body and this world.

Increase our faith, therefore, for You are far more trustworthy than these appearances that we interpret as menacing us, and show us how to bring each step of our walk into conformity with Your will, so that we will continue our way through this valley basking in the untroubled peace You have ordained, since before time was, that the perfectly faithful should carry in their hearts wherever they go. I have asked You to make me into one of Your perfectly faithful ones, and I know that You are now teaching me, testing me and transforming me into such a one, so that I might, by example, be able to help others around me come to live in such faith, such peace, and such closeness to You, in whom are all happiness and all good.

I may not be able to banish at once the feelings of anxiety from my body and the flitting of dark shadows from my mind, but You, Lord, know best how to dispel them with Your smile of reassurance, which, like Your perfect control over the circumstances of my life, is from everlasting to everlasting. Let me be thankful always for the safety You keep me in so lovingly, and let my thankfulness lighten the hearts of everyone I meet today. In the name of Christ Jesus I ask this: Amen.


3 Responses to “A Prayer in a Time of Anxiety”

  1. Carol Says:

    John, thank you for your faithfulness in sending me these words that you were given in the midst of your work day as a response to my request for prayer help.

    This seems to me to be truly Vocal Ministry via the Internet. Thee has been blessed.

    May others find comfort in this prayer, too.

  2. Prasanna de Silva Says:

    Thank you for this sensible prayer that i came across when I was looking to comfort me in a time of anxiety over a continuous hissing sound in my head. Thank you Lord You are my COMFORTER.!

  3. Thy Friend John Says:

    Thank you, Prasanna, for reminding me of these words that came through me three years ago! — and which I myself need to hear, again, today. May the Lord continue to comfort you and make your faith unshakable.

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