Simplicity: Shut Up and Listen on un-hoarding


I really loved reading “Simplicity Part 2, or The Great Purge” on Shut Up and Listen.  It’s about un-hoarding or de-hording or whatever you might call getting rid of a whole bunch of stuff, but with a subtle change in perspective which I found really positive and useful.  I don’t want to give it away so you’ll have to read the post.

(For background, you might want to read part 1 first.)



2 Responses to “Simplicity: Shut Up and Listen on un-hoarding”

  1. Driftingfocus Says:

    Thanks so much for the pingback! Glad to know you enjoyed it.

    Any interest in elaborating on your feelings about the post?

  2. kate Says:

    Hi Driftingfocus!

    Sorry for the delayed response.

    What I thought was so new and unique was that you were asking of your possessions not “what do you want to toss out?” or “what can you give up?” But rather, “what possessions do I want to SAVE?”

    The focus on keeping safe those items that mattered is, I think, a productive mindset-shift. It sounds like it was for you. It is still resonating in my head.

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