Grease Monkey Shuns Surveillance


While my daughter’s away at camp, I’m entertaining her with picture postcards featuring “Sock ‘N’ Grease Comix” on the picture side of the card. Grease Monkey, identifiable by the black grease on all four of his hands and his prehensile tail, is a discontented mechanic who goes to Sock Monkey for psychotherapy. His chief complaint is that he feels that he’s being spied on. A third character, Flying Monkey (suggested by the flying monkeys used in the Total Information Awareness Program of the Wicked Witch of the West in L. Frank Baum’s Dorothy and the Wizard of Oz), often appears in the corner, outside the window or behind the wall with a video camera, a microphone or a tape recorder. More of these may appear on this blog before camp’s over for the Summer.


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