Periodontal Angels


I haven’t been feeling very aware of my angels recently. Intellectually, I know they’re there. (For one thing, there have been some events that were bad, but could have been a lot worse–like a fall I took June 8.) But I haven’t been feeling their presence within myself.
Last week, however, they broke through (or I did). I was in the dentist’s chair, waiting for the dentist to come in to check to see if I’d been able to turn my periodontal issues around after three weeks of following the protocol he’d given me. I was, of course, nervous. I knew things were better, but I didn’t know if they were better enough.
As I waited, staring out his eighteenth-floor window across the green treetops of my beloved Central Park, I suddenly felt the angels standing on either side of me and putting one of their hands on each side of my jaw. Then they began to waft their wings quietly and gently, and I had the very clear sense that they were drawing the toxins out of my jaw and sending them out into the air behind them with the waving of their wings, pumping the alien stuff away from me.
The dentist came in and examined me and said (quote), “What you’ve done is spectacular.”
To his face, I accepted the compliment, but I thanked the angels, because we know who did what.
My angels send greetings to yours.


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