One of my other lives: Packaging Designer


In one of my other lives, Thy Friend John works as a packaging designer in a corrugated box factory. A design innovation I was given some years ago at last got some public attention. It’s featured on the “Box Vox” blog, which I commend as the most interesting periodical on packaging design (in print or on the web) I’ve seen in all my thirty-seven years in the industry: click here to read the article.

For this I must give God the glory, not just because Jesus instructed us to let our light so shine that people who see our good works will glorify not us but our Heavenly Father (Matthew 5:16), but because my Tri-Tuck Closure was really not my creation, or my invention, but a gift that passed through my mind and out my hands. I’d probably say the same thing about the B Minor Mass if I were Johann Sebastian Bach, the Sistine Ceiling if I were Michelangelo, or the wheel if I’d been its first inventor: “Wow, Lord, what an amazing and beautiful thing You let pass through me!”

The basic shape of the Tri-Tuck Closure, which Box Vox blogger Randy Ludacer identifies as that of the rhombic dodecahedron, was one I found, years ago, in Cundy and Rollett’s remarkable textbook Mathematical Models.


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