Watford Quakers go viral


I have only watched one of these videos on YouTube of Watford Quakers talking about their Quakerism(s). But so far, I think it is very interesting as far as a method of outreach.

The only thing that confused me in the Introduction to Quakerism below was the moment just after halfway through, when there’s a voiceover. Friends are pictured sitting in Meeting for Worship, and the voiceover gives the appearance that they are listening to some kind of recording — which isn’t a normal part of unprogrammed meetings, and which might confuse viewers. It should probably be explained.

Other than that, the filming and editing seemed great to me, as well as the selections of speakers and what they said.

It occurs to me, having heard a bit about Quaker Quest and having seen the materials used by British Friends for this program, that the setup of the videos may be attempting to mirror the way in which Friends taking part in a Meeting’s Quaker Quest would share their views on a particular aspect of Quakerism. The themes of the videos include “Are Quakers Christians?” “What are Quakers’ Views on the Bible?” “The Quaker Testimonies.”

Or click here to see more of the srekauq videos.

I’d be interested to know what you think about these videos, and about Quakers using YouTube as outreach.



6 Responses to “Watford Quakers go viral”

  1. Carol Says:

    I like the Watford Quakers very much! Thanks, Kate. I hadn’t gotten around to tracking these videos down. They do seem to be very carefully done. I’m ready to pass them on to friends who ask me about Quakerism.

  2. Driftingfocus Says:

    This is great! Thanks for posting it!

  3. Driftingfocus Says:

    I think it would be interesting to expand this on a broader level. Like, I’d love to see interviews like this from meetings all over.

  4. kate Says:


    Me too!

    It looks like Watford Quakers made it a bit of a project.

  5. Peter Says:

    We made this a bit of a project, almost exactly a year ago now. We are blessed with having a professional in this area in our meeting, and this has given this very high quality finish.

    We had inspiration for the questions from quaker quest among other sources. These videos are now embedded into our web site for ease of viewing, and to allow you to view them without the distractions of youtube.

    Peter (Watford Meeting Webmaster)

  6. Douglas Moses Says:

    Hey ! Our dear brethren.

    How amazing ! praise the lord ! Receive our greetings from Kenyenya , Kenya , in our wonderful lord Jesus Christ. May God bless you so much , your website touched & blessed my soul & impressed me very much…

    I thank God on how the power of the Holy spirit drew my attention and prompted me to your website. I hope God has called you , chosen you and singled you out to do His job that no can do, You are very unique and different from ever other brethren.

    Yes, Let me introduce myself to you , I am pastor Moses. I am aged 32 years, I am married to one wife and God has blessed us with two children. I got saved the year 2002 . God called me out of dark hole of sins. Now I love our Lord, and I praise Him. In March 2002 , I started the church with four families. Praise God ! Now we are 49 adult and 21 children . Pray for us.

    I thank God for the contact you have put in your website and I belief this must be God’s divine connection. I come to know your contact and the Holy spirit talked to my heart to request if God wiling you consider us in your blessing ministry and share with us God’s goodness. Please we, shall be happy to be numbered with your blessing ministry. Please, please help our fellowship to grow strongly deep in the Lord. All church member are highly touched and blessed by your true teachings which you offer . We come to know that there is no other gospel , no faith as true as this one…. They all said that your teachings is a true blessing light of God to our hearts. We hope through you , we shall shine brightly to the Lord. God bless the work of your hands. Please ! may you extend your work here in Kenya ? We hope God Himself will clear the ways for you.

    Politely brethren ! We request you to uplift us spiritually. We have seen that you are the right, loyal and devoted people of God whom God ha chosen for us. Brethren we pray if possible for you , you come and teach us more and more about Christ. We belief through God’s power you will began to sow yourselves into our fellowship.

    Kindly pray for the elderly people who God has place on my hands. Please look them at a map and picture them with your blessing, spiritual eyes.

    Join us in prayer ! God in the Name of Jesus. Thank you for your great care. Almighty Lord bless our brethren. May your love rest on them . May your Holy spirit guide them as they discuss our request. May your face shine on them always. God, give them peace. May Heaven smile upon them, we pray in Jesus Name. Amen …

    I remain looking to hear from you brethrens.

    Thank you. We love you servants of God.

    Pastor Moses

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