More on Sending Money to Kenya, More Links, More Blogs


I’m learning from those in other parts of the U.S. that they’re not getting the news from Kenya in their hometown papers. Here are some Quaker blogs that are attempting to pull things together. Along with news, they also have links for organizations collecting money.

Kenya News  is the blog Mary Kay Rehard has created especially to cover this crisis. It has many links and resources on it and is the best place I’ve found for keeping current with the developments.

Friends World Committee on Consultation Kenya News posted on January 8 a long and thoughtful letter by Mary Lord of Baltimore Yearly Meeting, who just happened to be visiting Kenya for two months when the violence broke out. I commend it to your attention.

 Friends United Meeting has set up a special Kenyan Relief Fund. Terri Johns of FUM gives a summary of the needs:

there is before us an ever mounting need for funds to help provide subsistence to the folks who are displaced and without enough food, fresh water, clothing and shelter. Depending on the news reports there is somewhere between 250,000 to well over 500,000. Some of the emails I’ve received believe this number is still too low. For me, the numbers are unimaginable. With food prices doubling and tripling and quantities limited or nonexistent in different areas of the country, it is clear that a big part of our responsibilities in the coming weeks will be to focus on relief efforts.

FUM has begun collecting money to help with humanitarian aid in Kenya. This money will be collected and distributed by FUM’s Africa Ministries office and Friends Theological College according to need.

Let me help you understand the needs just a bit better:

  1. With increased patient load at the Kaimosi Hospital, our head doctor is in need of assistance to keep up. It would be good to have a second doctor to assist.
  2. Because of food shortages, Samburu and Turkana (whose funding is substantially down anyway) are in more of a pinch this month than normal. They are able to buy only 1/3 the amount of food they normally purchase.
  3. With money going toward subsistence, tuition will be difficult for students at Friends Theological College (when it opens for the semester).
  4. FTC’s budget for food, fuel and other supplies will be severely impacted and could cause a crisis in caring for our students.
  5. Short supply of medicines, due to the inability to travel (blockades, lack of fuel, etc.), will cause difficulties in care especially for those patients suffering from HIV/AIDS and cholera (due to sanitation problems and lack of clean water).
  6. All these things also affect the orphanages (food, water and medications), churches and schools (who are caring for the displaced).

Many more problems abound in Kenya during this time, but there are ways we can make a difference. Please give generously to FUM for Kenya Relief.

Thank you for your continued support and prayers.

Terri Johns
FUM Program Manager


One Response to “More on Sending Money to Kenya, More Links, More Blogs”

  1. Mary Kay Says:

    Carol–I suggest you edit the post where Eden Grace’s email is added and remove her actual email address. We had a huge problem with such postings creating a lot of spam (by the spammers who trawl websites and blogs for email addresses). Thanks for plugging the Kenya News blog–I hope it is helpful to Friends! Blessings, Mary Kay

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