How to Donate Money to Kenyan Relief


People may want to know how best to make financial contributions to Kenya with matters in such turmoil there. Here is an excerpt of a letter from the Friends World Committee on Consultation that gives information about how to do it. Friends United Meeting has an office in Kisumu in western Kenya where the worst violence is taking place. The office is staffed by John Muhanji and Eden Grace.

When you go to FUM’s or FWCC’s Web sites, you will see that neither of them has pages dedicated to donations for the Kenyan crisis. Do not be deterred. Earmark your donation for Kenyan relief. Both organizations are in close touch with Kenyans and with field staff in Kenya.

The letter also relays the information that the American Friends Service Committee is at work with Quakers in England on the way to proceed effectively.

Donations can be made via the FUM Web site,, or via the FWCC World Office, . . . earmarked for this purpose.

In terms of the more general financial and other material support that Friends can offer, discussions are taking place both at AFSC and amongst Friends in Britain to determine the best and safest way to ensure that help reaches those who need it. We should be in a position to tell you more about this early next week.

Most of all, Friends in Kenya need our prayers along with prayers for peace and justice to prevail in their country. This is the season of the Prince of Peace and we must seek God’s assistance and guidance amidst this turmoil.

With hope and faith,

Nancy Irving, General Secretary
Friends World Committee for Consultation

Harry Albright, Communications Director
Friends World Committee for Consultation


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