International Talk Like a Quaker Day – Sponsorship suggestions


In quakers: International Talk Like a Quaker Day, jeanne_d_arc wrote,

In the same vein as International Talk Like a Pirate Day and National Quaker Week in the UK, I have decided to declare October (Tenth Month) 24 (which just so happens to be United Nations Day and William Penn’s birthday) as International Talk Like a Quaker Day.

I think this is a splendid idea — so splendid, in fact, that we should consider getting corporate sponsors and placing ads on the site. My first suggestion for an ad is


I’ll ask Thy Friend John if he might wish to post an ad he designed a while back.

How about you? Anything to ad(d) to the Quaker Sponsor Prospects roster? (If it has anything to do with oats, it had better be good.)

Nonetheless, I fear I must Query one of jeanne_d_arc’s examples:

Friend, I’m afraid I must elder three for what thee said on First Day.

Before thee elders all three, please search thy heart to be certain that the other two bear equal responsibility for what one of them said. Eldering by association is not in keeping with Friends’ tradition.

Eldering three for the price of one also smacks of trinitarianism, which is not a traditional Friends’ testimony. If it were, we would have to use the acronym SPITE instead of SPICE as a mnemonic. While there may be extremely rare occasions in which that acronym might apply, it is Quaker tradition to ignore them.


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12 Responses to “International Talk Like a Quaker Day – Sponsorship suggestions”

  1. Thy Friend John Says:

    The main news event of what seems to have been the first Talk Like a Quaker Day, Iranian President Ahmedinejad’s appearance at Columbia University, surely highlighted the world’s screaming need to have more people talking like Quakers.

    President Ahmedinejad himself – well, it goes without saying that Quakers are supposed to be truthful at all times, and what do you make of a man who says there are no homosexuals in his country? Clearly, if he could be a truth-teller just for one day each year, what a change that could make!

    But then consider the insulting way his host treated him! Quakers are supposed to love their enemies, and to wish the salvation of all. If Columbia’s President had taken to heart that it was Talk Like a Quaker Day, he might have told Ahmedinejad something like, “Friend, I perceive that thee is out of the truth. Thee is bound to suffer greatly someday for thy deceits and cruelties, so why not stop them now? Thy own Scripture extols our Creator’s endless willingness to forgive. Repent, here and now before this audience, and set a good example for everyone!” Ah, but people capable of saying such things rarely become college presidents. Colleges, which have a long history of handing out F’s to people who don’t measure up, like a man who’ll call his guest a cruel tyrant and not bother to suggest ways he might cease to be a cruel tyrant. Why bother?

    And then there’s the tabloids’ comment on the Iranian’s visit: “The Evil Has Landed.” Yuck! Had Talk Like a Quaker Day been enforced on the Post and the Daily News they would have left their front pages completely blank! One of the great disciplines that Quakers live under is, when we’re seized by the irresistable impulse to say something nasty, stupid, or both, we make efforts to keep our mouths shut until the impulse passes. How quiet the world might be on Talk Like a Quaker Day! They might even rename it Be Silent Like a Quaker Day.

    Imagine a future U.S. President’s Talk Like a Quaker Day press conference in the White House Rose Garden: the president takes his place before the microphones, smells one of the roses, and smiles, just like the Buddha’s famous Flower Sermon. After half an hour’s silence, he reaches out and shakes hands with one media representative after another till he’s gotten to the last one, then goes wordlessly indoors to finish his day with deeds of compassion and truth, under the watchful, quiet eyes of his Committee of Elders.

    Hey, I’m getting to like Talk Like a Quaker Day!

  2. kate Says:

    I love the International Talk Like a Quaker Day idea!

    I think I will go and hold it in the light. (Hee hee…)

  3. Rich Accetta-Evans Says:

    I like this idea as well. Of course, we can use old favorites like “that Friend speaks my mind”, but I think we should be willing to try variations on the theme. My adult son recently suggested “That Friend wastes my time” as a neo-Quakerism that could be quite useful at business meetings.
    – – Rich

  4. kate Says:

    I love your son’s idea. I am going to use that!

  5. Elizabeth Says:

    I also think we might take the opportunity to spread “That name would not have occurred to me” far and wide.

  6. kate Says:

    Twice recently I’ve described an experience of “Speaking truth to crazy.”

  7. Elizabeth Says:

    Help! I just realized we’re going to have to get busy recruiting some “international” people for this thing! Some of us do live in an extremely diverse neighborhood that represents many nations, but I’m afraid we’re both something like 15th-generation Americans ourselves.

    Of course, if we recruit British Quakers (as I hope we will), we must expect them to use *real* early modern grammar (“thou art,” not “thee is) when they talk like Quakers. That could come as a shock to American sensibilities.

  8. Thy Friend John Says:

    I can’t help imagining what the world would be like if ITLAQD came to be observed universally, and people expressed themselves, not as Quakers always do, but as Quakers know they should – keeping silence, for example, until they have something to say that’s an improvement on silence. Saying nothing hurtful, nothing untruthful, nothing that panders to low motives – just imagine all your newspapers with their front pages blank! For surely the world’s heads of state wouldn’t have been saying much that day.

  9. norry hughes Says:

    Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to ask a favour.

    I am currently working on a book whose reasoning and aim should be quite self explanatory. However to publish the finished book I should require sponsorship, and it occured to me that the book’s contents and context could well be in line with straight Quaker modern day thinking.

    Could you read what is so far written on the Website above in relation to the SFG in the Crimea and perhaps add your thoughts by e-mail.

    Yours Aye Norry Hughes Sevastopol

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  11. Liza Says:

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