Learning from an Episcopal Priest’s Blog


Every few months or so I check in with the blog of an Episcopal priest I stumbled upon called “Father Jake Stops the World.” Father Jake’s posts for the first week in September 2007 remind me that I need to read him more often.

 As you may know, the Anglican Communion is being challenged by its African members–to the point of schism–on LGBTQ issues. Archbishop Akinola of Nigeria is recruiting conservative American congregations to join him in a breakaway communion. He’s got five in the U.S. standing with him so far, and he’s actively working to get more. In a post for September 8, Father Jake calls for attendance at a demonstration against Akinola when he arrives in Chicago. And Father Jake’s posts about an outrageous statement made by another Nigerian bishop may interest those who’ve been following Friends United Meeting’s struggles in the wake of its February 2007 general board meeting in Kenya.

I was interested to read about the Listening Process that the Anglican bishops are engaged in. It reminds me not to get self-righteous about Quaker process and Gospel Order. It’s a humbling revelation to this proud Quaker that others who seek to follow the Gospels might also be capable of following Gospel Order.

Father Jake’s post on “Sexual Ethics and Scripture” was helpful to me and I’ve saved it. The remarks of William Countryman that he quotes on the authority of Scripture sound very Hicksite.

This week Father Jake is focused on the schismatic struggles rending the Anglican Communion he’s given his life to, but he ranges widely. I suspect few Quakers could resist a post titled “Pacifism for Violent SOBs.” Both these archived posts are listed under their respective categories on the Home page of his blog.

His entries are filled with links that make his blog an interesting portal for matters of faith, Scripture, and social justice. I commend Father Jake to your attention.


7 Responses to “Learning from an Episcopal Priest’s Blog”

  1. kate Says:

    Thanks for sharing Father Jake’s blog with us, Carol! I was interested in the Anglican Listening Process.

    We have fellow travelers among many other faiths, not just the historic Peace Churches. I am reminded of this by my friends and family members who score “100% Quaker” on Belief Net, but instead explored Lutherans or Episcopalians or Unitarians because they liked a different style of worship (or, in some cases, a different style of running meeting/church business).

    The differences are apparent too, of course (e.g. the demonstration against Akinola).

  2. Anj Says:

    Hello Carol – How fun to find your writing. I enjoy Father Jake’s blog also!

  3. Marie Chauvel Says:

    The irony is that this extern schism really has its basis in an internal schism. The self hating conflicted homosexual is usually the most out spoken. Some one who sees happy gays as a threat to there own decision to repress part of themselves. Two men holding hands evokes feelings they’ve tried to repress. There solution, make sure men can’t hold hands in public.


  4. Idetrorce Says:

    very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

  5. Bosco Peters Says:

    “In Mary God has grown small to make us great.”
    St. Ephrem (d. 373)

    Christmas blessings from one Anglican blog to another
    Bosco Peters

  6. Bosco Peters Says:

    Ummm… I see now this isn’t actually an Anglican blog… sorry
    but Christmas greetings nonetheless 🙂

  7. Carol Says:

    Thank you, Bosco. And thank you for the words of Saint Ephrem. They are good to ponder.

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